• Parties who wants to report must directly come to the location of the
  • Checking the report’s handling progress by phone and need to wait to find the report in question
  • Files that move between divisions are at risk of being lost in the middle of the road
  • Data between divisions is not interrelated because each division has its
    own application, so the track record for handling proposals cannot be identified.


  • The proposal is submitted online, the proposer only needs to upload a scanned file and fill out the form digitally
  • Checking status can be done online by using an account that is owned
  • The files are stored in digital form, there is no physical file transfer. Physical files are only stored by the part that handles the files
  • Data from each process is made interrelated so that it can see an outline of the track record of handling the proposal
  • Integrate applications in each division

Problem Solving


Understand and document the client’s business process


Map the applications in each division and document the application


Designing reporting system based on business process


Discuss the design results to get advice from clients


Discuss the mechanism of integration with application developers in each division (some applications are replaced by functions made by applications)


Develop a system based on design


Conduct training for users from internal clients and create usage guidance documentation for external users (proposer)


Input previous reports to the system


Usage of the initial business process slowly continues to the next process until the end


Accompanying clients in the early days of implementing the system