• Many government employees and personal information are too complex to be stored in MS Excel (family history, education history, job history,
    training history, etc.)
  • Each agency has its own employee data and often differs between the data in the agency and the data in the Personnel Agency
  • It is difficult to monitor employee track records stored in MS Excel so that there are often employees who should have been promoted or retired but have not been processed for years
  • Employees who have died or are no longer active, but are not processed so that they continue to receive salaries for years.


  • Online employee data collection system, each agency updates employee
    data at the same location so that it is consistent
  • Notifications for employees who are about to retire
  • Monitoring all employee information can be done through 1 application

Problem Solving


Understand what information needs to be stored in relation to a government employee and document the data


Designing staffing systems based on these defined data


Discuss the design results to get advice from clients


Develop a system based on design


Conduct training for users


Accompanying clients in inputting employee data from each agency


Accompanying clients in the early days of implementing the system