• Difficult to find rooms that are still empty and booked, rooms that are already suitable to be occupied, rooms that are still dirty, and rooms that are not feasible to be ordered / sold
  • There is still often a difference between the income received and the
    number of rooms sold
  • Flexible invoices
  • Inventory management for Linen, Amenities that are still manual and frequent differences between records and actual conditions
  • miscommunication between hotel and marketing staff when booking a multipurpose room / functional room
  • The absence of a system that accommodates hospitality management that includes management of room bookings, housekeeping management, and management of functional rooms as a whole and integrated


  • Integrate and automate hotel management processes that include booking rooms either walk in or from OTA, housekeeping, booking functional rooms, and reporting hotel income

Problem Solving


Implement applications that cover the entire hotel management process in general


Provide information and reporting according to the needs of each function in the hotel