• Participants in the event want to see the documentation of the activity containing their photo
  • The number of participants and the number of photos is not balanced with the number of committees that match photos manually
  • The time allotted from taking photos until they can be distributed to participants must be fast, before the event ends
  • Many runners or athletes who want every event he joins have complete documentation and as a form of achievement
  • Participants / Athlete often find it difficult to know marathon events that are currently and will be run locally, which are still separate and not centralized and registration is still in each event organizer
  • Event organizers must manage activities independently without a platform that can automate the process from pre-event to post-event


  • Facilitating the registration of marathon events in one integrated platform
  • Automate the process of matching participants’ photos with event committee documentation quickly through face technology and object recognition
  • As a place to monitor and manage the achievements of athletes
  • As a technological solution for event owners in organizing marathons /races

Problem Solving


Implement a marathon / race event management platform and photo sharing that is holistically integrated from pre-event to post-event


Automate the entire registration process, event management, and matching participants' photos


Record all the results of the event participants and event organizers